How much is your home worth?

Selling your home in Mississauga or Oakville

Factors that affect home values

Ultimately, the current market determines the value of your home.  Factors to consider include: location, size, condition, features, your community and buyer supply (how many homes are listed in your area at the time).

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Why expert pricing is crucial

Overpriced homes take longer to sell and usually result in a lower purchase price. Knowing the value of your home and pricing it competitively attracts qualified buyers, interests buyer agents, yields the highest return possible, and is more likely to bring competing offers. Underpricing can mean a loss on your investment.

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Professional Property Evaluation

Contact us to schedule a visit and we’ll review your property with you – no charge, no obligation. We’ll come prepared with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis to demonstrate how your home compares to similar properties listed and sold in your area. Our focus on Mississauga and Oakville neighbourhoods allows us to hone our knowledge and real estate expertise to best serve our clients.

Ask about our One of a Kind Strategic Sellers’ Guide for and how our specific expertise can help you maximize the return on your valuable investment.

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