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Accredited Senior Agent – Angelo D’Amico

We continually upgrade our skills to accommodate our client needs and stay informed on real estate trends. Recently, we acquired the “Accredited Senior Agent” (ASA) designation so we can better represent senior buyers and sellers and their families. Our specialized knowledge includes estate regulations, taxation, downsizing and decluttering. Can we assist you or someone you

My Father “The Legend” John D’Amico

Here is a little video tribute to my father, John D’Amico.  This was to celebrate his final game as a linesman in the NHL.  His career stretched from 1964 to 1988.  He was the best and most respected official to skate on professional ice.  I could not be more proud to be the son of

Home safety is more than locked doors and alarms

When it comes to home security, most homeowners think about locking their doors and setting the alarm. These are, of course, very important… However, there is also a lot you can do around your property to prevent the possibility of a break-in. One important part of home security is outdoor lighting. Your home doesn’t need

Two Things You Need to Know before moving

If you’re thinking of making a move within the next few months, there are two important things you need to know. The first is the market value of your current property. That’s the amount your home will likely sell for on today’s market. When you know its market value, you’ll have a better idea of

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